Garage Door Weatherstripping Installation

Damaged garage door bottom seal? Want to change the seals all around the overhead door? When you need such services, contact our team. We will be happy to assist you with your garage door weatherstripping in New Westminster, British Columbia. AGarage Door Weatherstripping New Westminsterlthough replacing the weather seals might seem as an easy task, it’s not. It requires attention, precision, and perfection. And thus, it demands the experience and skills of our techs from Garage Door Repair New Westminster. So call us if you want to replace the seals and install new ones.

Our experts install garage door weatherstripping correctly

Weatherstripping garage door sides is not easy. Seals are placed at the top and bottom part of the door but also on each side. They must be the right product for the material of your door but also what you choose depends on the type of the door. Don’t forget that the incorrect seals and their improper installation will keep the door from closing right or even opening all the way.

With years of experience in offering garage door weatherstripping installation in New Westminster, our pros can do the job correctly. No matter which seals your door needs, we can install them. Whether you need rubber seals, which adhere to the door, or a retainer, trust their installation to our experts. Once the door sides are measured, the seals are cut to fit perfectly. We have the skills to install any seal and make sure it adheres or is nailed properly.

We are at your service to replace the garage door seals

Garage door weatherstripping repair is not often an option. Once the seals of your door start showing the first signs of wear, it’s best to replace them. If not, there will be a small gap between your door and jamb. The door won’t close entirely. Insects might pay you visit and your garage might fill with rain water. Of course, the greatest benefit of having properly fitted weather seals is the energy efficiency they provide in the garage. So if you have any worn sections or want to replace entirely your New Westminster garage door weatherstripping, get in touch with our company. We will assist you in a timely and professional manner.

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