Garage Door Maintenance

Have you taken a careful look at how your garage door in New Westminster is holding up? All doors, particularly wooden doors, tend to wear out and slip over time. Sometimes they may break or stop working altogether. We at Garage Door Repair New Westminster can help you to take care of your garage door maintenance plans.

Inspection Services For Garage Doors

We can help you out by taking a look at the individual materials in your garage door. This includes checking on things like how your belts are working in your Garage Door Maintenanceopener and if the rails on the sides are aligned properly. Sometimes these materials have to be adjusted to make things work right.
We can tell if you need a garage door adjustment by also testing your opener. This may entail working with a few motions with the motor being open to see what problems might come out of it. The key is to see that the door is opening right and will not create too much of a hassle.

Garage Door Track Lubrication

Sometimes your door might need to be lubricated. This can include lubricating the rails on the door, the edges that are lifted up and down and even the belts used in a garage door opener. Lubrication is used to keep things from being stuck. We at Garage Door Repair New Westminster can help you to get these problems reviewed so anything that is stuck in your garage door can be fixed as soon as possible.

A plan to fix garage door issues has to entail lubrication while also getting all parts inspected just to ensure that there are no problems coming with what’s in a space. Be sure to check with us to see how your maintenance and repair plans can work so you can get problems fixed before they really become worse.

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