Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

Is your garage door torsion spring in New Westminster broken? Count on us to replace it. We change and repair torsion springs designed for residential doors, offer fast assistance, provide advice, install new springs and replace spring parts. All technicians at our Garage Door Repair in New Westminster, BC, are prepared to make small or big changes and take care of your springs. We understand the urgency of the job and offer emergency repair in an effort to help customers avoid accidents. Whether your torsion spring is broken or not, you can trust services to us.Garage door torsion spring New Westminster

Torsion spring repair experts

When it comes to New Westminster garage door torsion spring services, we are twice as fast as we usually are. Although our technicians try to serve the needs of local customers in timely fashion every single time, they make an extra effort to help faster when springs are not in good condition. Installed to work under tension, springs can be very dangerous. Avoid fixing them on your own, and trust garage door torsion spring repair to our local team. We help as soon as possible and are all equipped to do the job right.

What do torsion springs need?

Some doors have two torsion springs, but most have just one spring. It depends on the door and our technicians can help you find out how many springs and which torsion spring you need for your door. There are actually plenty of choices in British Columbia in terms of their material, brand and size. Our company can order a garage door torsion spring replacement for you and have it installed.

Once installed, torsion springs need good maintenance and repairs. Services also include periodictorsion spring adjustment, which ensures the good balance of the door. Our team can take great care of your home spring. We can add and release tension, fix problems, replace the cones or shaft, and bring a new spring replacement to change the existing spring whether it has already snapped or not. Call our company to help you with spring issues.

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